Going Green

going green

Going Green – How Switching to Digital Products Can Save the Earth


Many companies choose to go digital for many reasons. Paperless companies are ultimately more efficient and more accessible. Getting and using information within seconds, not days, is the norm in today’s global and mobile world. With electronic documents and workflow automation tools, you can create and route documents and data that can reach the right people, right away, without manual intervention. There are many advantages when the use of paper is eliminated or almost absent in a company. The biggest and most obvious reason is to be greener by helping reduce deforestation and the need for illegal logging.

In recent years, organizations ranging from test prep companies to health insurance firms have turned to paperless practices in order to help save the earth. Public opinion polls show that concern about the environment rises and falls based on the state of the economy and other factors, but concern about the negative impacts associated with using paper and printing continues to rise. This includes paperless texts, paperless billing, paperless receipts, and so on. Several notable companies have incorporated paperless billing into their processes to promote being green. Tech giants like Apple control the environmentally conscious demographic because of this. Educational companies are digitizing an increasing amount of content. Legal documents can now be accessed exclusively online, depending on preference. We’ll see this trend continue to exponentially grow as the earth’s resources continue to dwindle.

Illegal logging exists because of increasing demand for timber, paper, and derivative products, including packaging. So the best way to stop this is to switch to paperless. For example, if every U.S. household switched from paper billing to online, the environmental benefits would be significant. Each year, this switch would save 16.5 million trees. Also, making paper uses a lot of water and a lot of chemicals. The process releases nasty compounds into the air and rivers, including cancer-causing dioxins. So by reducing our need for paper, we can make the environment a little bit cleaner and save some trees in the Amazon.